The CCP provides funding for a series of activities. Details for budget can be found in the Justification for Resources document.

Funding in all areas is subject to approval by the working group. Requests for funds can be made by email to Martin Lueders.

Hands-On Courses

One of the main activities are Hands-On courses for various computational tools, used by the community. The CCP has funding for 3 courses each year with a budget of £9000 for each course. The set of courses to be taught each year will be decided by the CCP-mag working group.

Visitors Programme

Funds are available for researchers from abroad to visit the UK and give a series of lectures, possibly at different universities. Such visits can, ideally, be arranged in conjunction with conferences or workshops.

Funding for Workshops

CCP-mag can co-fund workshops, which are mainly funded otherwise. This is in the first place to pay for participants from the CCP-mag community.

Outreach and Widening Participation

CCP-mag has funds to sponsor visits to or from industry, as well as for participation at Materials Research Exchange events, and participation at the MMM or Intermag.

Core Support

Computational Core support is provided by the Scientific Computing Department of STFC. The core support team can assist in code development, computational and theoretical support, and the organization of workshops and Hands-On courses.